Web 2.0 applications

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  • Putting a social layer into every business app

    The social enterprise has arrived, and savvy organizations are looking to build a social layer into every possible business application and platform. How are these collaboration-minded companies getting everybody on board with new social workflow pro... 

  • Let's get down to business with social collaboration tools

    Social collaboration tools hold the power to deliver increased value to your customers while promoting employee engagement. So, how can CIOs make the most out of collaboration and solidify the alignment between business and IT? This new edition of CI... 

  • data products

    A data product is digital information that can be purchased.  

  • Information Age

    The Information Age refers to the idea that access to and the control of information is the defining characteristic of this current era in human civilization. 

  • digital disruption

    Digital disruption is the change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services. 

  • omnichannel

    The term omnichannel refers to the seamless melding of the advantages of in-store (brick and mortar) shopping with the information-rich experience of online shopping. 

  • hackathon

    A hackathon is a social coding event that lasts several hours or days and brings together computer programmers and others to improve upon or build new software programs. 

  • social network

    A social network, in technology parlance, is a website or other application where people, often of similar interests, come together to communicate with each other and share information including photos, videos, audio and written messages. 

  • sharing economy

    The sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption, is a trending business concept that highlights the ability (and perhaps the preference) for individuals to rent or borrow goods rather than buy and own them. 

  • social shopping

    Social shopping is a type of e-commerce that seeks to involve people with similar tastes in an online shopping experience. 

  • enterprise social software

    Enterprise social software is a general term that describes social networking and collaboration tools used in large organizations. 

  • newsfeed

    A news feed (newsfeed) is list of newly published content on a website. End users can receive push updates for new content on a site by subscribing to the site's news feed.  

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About Web 2.0 applications

Web 2.0 applications like blogs, wikis, RSS and mashups allow employees and customers to collaborate in ways never before possible. But how do you introduce Web 2.0 technology into the enterprise without interfering with productivity? CIOs must also determine how to use Web 2.0 tools to communicate effectively with customers. Learn more about how to set your organization's Web 2.0 strategy with the news, tips and other resources in this section.