Supply chain management software

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  • RFID red flags go up at conference

    RFID is the hot topic this week at a conference in Baltimore, but attendees have plenty of questions -- about cost, quality, and possible privacy issues. The cost, in a time of conservative IT budgets, could be the biggest obstacle to RFID right now... 

  • Panel taps Web services, Linux, RFID as emerging technologies

    These technologies, along with wireless and ID management, are worth watching, but one big wrinkle has to be ironed out before they're ready for the ball. 

  • RFID: Obstacles and infrastructures

    Deployment of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is getting a little more static. But RFID should start making waves again once it clears a few hurdles. This Meta Group report spotlights some of the biggest obstacles to RFID adoption. 

  • Allstate in good hands with outsource management software

    Outsourcing can be a cost saver, but Allstate found an "insurance policy" to guarantee more savings -- software to manage the outsourcing deal. 

  • Services supply chain: Strategies for a buckshot market

    The global recession has forced businesses to curb costs. Consequently, companies are scrutinizing every variable expense area to remain viable. A recent Aberdeen-Penton Media survey yielded five key tactics that enterprises can use to establish a se... 

  • When is it smart to sell the factory and outsource?

    Should your company keep control of its supply chain and manufacturing facilities when it needs to expand — and risk getting stuck with expensive capacity it can't use? Or should it outsource — and if so, to whom and for how much? Researc... 

  • Oracle plans takeover bid of PeopleSoft

    Oracle has announced its intention to make a takeover bid for PeopleSoft and has offered $16 per share. 

  • Supply chain risk: Deal with it

    Suddenly your supply chain is full of weak links, everything from terrorism to political instability to dock strikes. Could you and your customers withstand a disruption?