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  • Sun promises retailers simpler RFID

    Sun Microsystems unveiled a new RFID architecture today at the National Retail Federation Convention in New York. The Sun RFID Reference Architecture is being advertised as a painless way to get data from RFID tags to back-end systems. 

  • Study: 'Old school' companies to lead RFID

    A study from ABI Research has found that big global retailers gave RFID a boost in 2004, but that boost wasn't as big as analysts had expected. In 2005, ABI predicts companies will increase their RFID budgets three to five times and will probably le... 

  • RFID: The New Year's resolution that sticks

    Look for RFID spending to be a New Year's resolution many firms will stick with, according to AMR Research. With Wal-Mart's first RFID deadline less than two weeks away, its top 100 suppliers and 37 volunteers have spent $250 million on their complia... 

  • RFID certification push may be premature, experts say

    While industry players met last week to discuss the need for RFID skills, many CIOs still aren't sold on the technology. One analyst, however, said it's a mistake for some firms not to understand what RFID means to their business. 

  • Forrester event offers look at new technologies for a connected world

    Dozens of IT decision makers are flocking to Scottsdale, Ariz., this week for Forrester Research's annual Emerging Technology Showcase, which promises to provide a glimpse into the future of RFID, security, communications and other hot technologies. ... 

  • Early user: RFID years from mainstream

    RFID isn't going to be an overnight success, according to one early user who just completed an RFID pilot program. He says full-bore RFID implementation is a 10-15 year process. 

  • As deadline nears, opinions weigh on side of failure for Oracle

    A failed takeover of PeopleSoft Inc. could mean new life for the struggling developer of enterprise applications. But don't expect an end to the courtroom drama just yet. 

  • RFID could mean too much information for retailers

    Too much information -- that's the potential hazard retailers could run into with RFID. According to a new study, many firms are still trying to figure out their bar-code systems, and won't be able to handle terabytes of new RFID data. 

  • Forecasting technology comes of age

    The technologies used to help companies predict things such as future customer behavior, demographics and other business intelligence (BI) metrics have matured. 

  • The top five IT myths

    A CTO in the know is out to debunk some of IT's tall tech tales -- and help CIOs get the right stuff on their radar.