Return on investment

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  • Eight factors for IT success

    What defines the best companies? Follow these eight steps to ROI success. 

  • Web portals: Big challenges, better ROI

    Information architects need time, patience and good business sense to reap the many benefits of Web portals. 

  • Putting business first at First Data

    First Data spends less than 4% of its revenues on IT. How is it possible for this IT organization to operate successfully on such a small budget? Find out here. 

  • Can BTM cut costs?

    If you've got 930 IT projects and a CEO who wants them done yesterday, who you gonna' call? Some CIOs are dialing up a management framework called BTM. 

  • The value of business intelligence applications

    How can BI help your business? This tip points out the BI benefits, risks and costs. 

  • Examining the TCO metric

    Total cost of ownership (TCO) is defined as the total cost of procuring, using, managing and disposing of an asset over its useful life. This tip takes a closer look at TCO. 

  • CIOs seek lower TCO with BI

    A new survey says business intelligence is second only to security when it comes to CIO spending priorities. 

  • Holding the line on network costs

    The network director for a major health care provider explained how he shaved millions off his budget by driving network costs down while improving performance. 

  • Take the first step in measuring IT value

    Historically, poor IT performance was seen as a cost of doing business. Throughout the last four years, that long-standing trend has reversed. 

  • Net Present Value defined

    Net Present Value is a big part of your ROI process, but you need the formula first.