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  • The new face of business intelligence: dashboards and scorecards

    In the last two years, business intelligence (BI) has finally reached critical mass. It's recognized by business leaders as a vital tool for helping organizations achieve strategic objectives, optimize performance and improve decisions and plans. As ... 

  • VoIP more than hype

    Using VoIP is now as much about improving the customer experience as it is about cutting costs. Some contact centers are learning why. 

  • CRM any way you want it

    Buy, rent, rent-to-own -- the options for CRM software pricing continue to expand. Still, buyers should keep their eye on the total cost of ownership. 

  • A dangerous gap: End users vs. executives

    End users are fed up with IT execs who say one thing and do another. 

  • CIO Conversation: UPS VP Dave Barnes

    Learn how UPS CIO Dave Barnes approaches IT and business strategy alignment, as well as supply chain management issues. 

  • CIO Conversation: Avnet's Ed Kamins

    Avnet CIO Ed Kamins discusses reinventing the IT department to focus on the bottom line. 

  • Small studios thinking big with SAP

    Lions Gate Entertainment CIO Leo Collins had a choice to make -- settle for lackluster midmarket offerings or test a new blockbuster SAP product. 

  • A CIO conversation: NNSA's Linda Wilbanks

    Linda Wilbanks, CIO of the National Nuclear Security Administration, discusses how she keeps learning on the job -- and how something called earned value management keeps her on track. 

  • The ROI of server consolidation

    It might be a quick route to lowering your TCO, but server consolidation comes in various forms --and IT managers need to know the pros and cons before choosing a consolidation path. 

  • VoIP: What you don't know could hurt you

    Most big cost savings promised by VoIP vendors quickly fade away, but VoIP technology can help your organization shine.