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  • Forbes CIO Forum: BTM can cut costs

    If you've got 930 IT projects and a CEO who wants them done yesterday, who you gonna' call? Some CIOs are dialing up a management framework called BTM. 

  • Budget brief: Sneak peek at 2006

    IT execs give Forrester Research a glimpse of their 2006 budgets. 

  • SIM: Stories from the frontlines

    Sure, the technology looks great. But it's good governance and a true innovative spirit that keeps these CIOs ahead of the curve. 

  • Five things you should know about BI tools

    Most executives understand the benefits of rolling out business intelligence (BI) to all workers in the enterprise. But they may not be prepared for a common set of problems that almost all BI projects bring. 

  • A balanced scorecard approach to measure customer profitability

    Amid a slew of IT talk, it's easy to lose sight of the ultimate objective: to make a profit from selling products and services. Here's a new metric to help judge your success. 

  • CIOs seek lower TCO with BI

    A new survey says business intelligence is second only to security when it comes to CIO spending priorities. 

  • Outsourcing journey starts with 'Why?'

    Why outsource? CIOs should know precisely why their company is a candidate for outsourcing before they vote on a vendor. 

  • CIO in action: Leaving a legacy

    Austin Energy CIO Andres Carvallo tells CIOs how to lead an IT revolution. 

  • Delta CIO: Buckle up before turbulence strikes

    Former Delta Air Lines CIO Curtis Robb kicked off the CIO Decisions conference by telling 200 conference attendees to run IT like there's no tomorrow. 

  • The sweet sound of lower handheld TCO

    One researcher says managed devices can lower TCO by 15%, and a mobile management vendor claims its latest update can extend existing management tools for use with handhelds.