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  • Expert to CIOs: Be the 'CFO of IT'

    Between utility computing and offshore outsourcing, it's a pretty safe bet that the data center of tomorrow won't look like the data center of today. What can CIOs do to prepare for the inevitable evolution? In this interview, Tom Pisello, founder, C... 

  • Selling IT to the CFO: The new differentiator in the analytics world

    Analytics and data warehousing technologies can produce significant quantifiable returns. However, IT managers responsible for these technologies face significant obstacles to quantifying ROI metrics. So it is no wonder that the featured course at TD... 

  • Why IT does matter

    Their colleague in Cambridge caused quite a ruckus when he wrote that IT doesn't matter. Now two Harvard professors describe why IT does matter. 

  • On-demand is an exercise in utility

    On-demand is one of this year's hottest trends according to the Wall Street Journal and Gartner Inc., and that's without being a mainstream member of the tech culture or even having a clear definition. Once everyone can define it and is doing ... 

  • Want the most from IT service levels? Be proactive!

    Service level improvement should be the highest priority for any IT department, and proactive management is a must for the department to deliver. 

  • Why do CIOs outsource? The price is right

    Dollars may be driving most CIOs to outsource, but attendees at Gartner's outsourcing summit learned that it really should be more of a strategic decision. 

  • Four things to keep in mind amidst merger madness

    Does Oracle's overture to PeopleSoft (and indirectly to J.D. Edwards) have you wondering what on earth to do with your ERP strategy? There are four things to keep in mind in the midst of the merger madness. 

  • Utility computing to bring benefits, for a price

    Vendors are wooing customers with the concept of utility computing but there may be a hefty professional-services price tag attached to this new way of designing IT. 

  • Controlling data center TCO through careful consolidation

    Of all the trends focused on controlling costs, none is as widespread as consolidation. Experts point out that shifting architecture isn't always just subtraction. 

  • U.S. firms smarter IT spenders than E.U. peers

    Why is it that U.S. firms are getting more bang for their IT bucks than European firms are getting for their Euros? A pair of business strategies, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, are separating the two sides.