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  • The Altria Group: Running IT as a business

    Altria, frequently ranked number one in Economic Value Added, credits much of the company's success to its focus on ROM. The top ranked consumer goods company owns Philip Morris International and Kraft Foods, among other companies. 

  • 10 secrets of successful offshore software development, part 2

    If you want to get some extra "oomph" from offshore software development, "extrasourcing" could be the ticket. 

  • Smart IT investments will eventually pay off for the entire company

    Technology purchases like open source software, Software as a Service and other apps that are easy to use can benefit companies as a whole, one expert writes. 

  • HP chief plugs 'adaptive enterprise'

    "Survival of the fittest" may be the rule in the animal kingdom, but in the IT kingdom, it's the adaptive who survive. That's the word from HP's Carly Fiorina -- at a Forrester Research conference yesterday, she opened up about her firm's "adaptive e... 

  • Gartner: Business units to drive more outsourcing deals

    Who's going to be calling the shots when it comes to outsourcing? Business people. That means IT people and the companies that serve them need to bone up on their business terms if they don't want to be bucked off the bandwagon. 

  • A CIO Conversation: CIO position 'young but here'

    Darwin John, former CIO of the FBI, looks back on his more than 30 years of experience and offered valuable advice to CIOs and IT executives on IT/business alignment issues, collaborative CIOs, the role of IT in the organization and more. 

  • The priority that persists

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. New research shows that an old problem is still the top concern for senior technology execs. 

  • Analyst: Find savings in administrative fat

    Consolidation and cutbacks are obvious ways to save money. But there are other ways CIOs can use IT to trim the corporate fat. 

  • Alignment, communication among top CIO challenges

    If you're a CIO, how do you deal with some of the most nagging challenges in your department? Thou shalt follow the 10 commandments of IT consultant and author Harris Kern. 

  • Service level management: Linking IS performance to business goals

    In today's cost-justifying economy, CIOs are creating service-level management programs to ensure that IT services are properly linked to business processes and goals.