Return on investment

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  • Toll-bypass ROI

    It is difficult to quantify how much WAN bandwidth your VoIP calls will use, making an ROI evaluation challenging and full of guesswork. Tom Lancaster offers some strategies in this tip. 

  • SaaS: Is it a wise business investment?

    Companies typically use the ROI metric to measure the initial investment of IT software. This method isn't as useful when companies invest in recurring services and products, such as SaaS models. ROI expert Dan Merriman offers advice on how to make t... 

  • Integration and business processes meet in BizTalk roadmap

    At last month's TechEd conference, Microsoft disclosed further details on its roadmap for BizTalk Server, its business process management (BPM) server. The system is expected to evolve to include the core foundational technology of Windows Workflow F... 

  • Security solutions: Cost-justification guidelines

    CIOs often have trouble justifying the value of security solutions to the business side. ROI expert Tom Pisello offers four tips for cost justifying IT investments. 

  • Company outsources telecom expense management and saves big

    As wireless costs increase, many companies are looking for ways to better manage their telecom expenses. One construction company decided to outsource its telecom expense management and saw its phone equipment and wireless service expenses almost cut... 

  • Driving ROI with performance dashboards

    Eastern Mountain Sports CIO Jeff Neville says smart dashboards can lead to positive ROI and happy CEOs. 

  • Leading indicators deliver better business results

    IT can provide tremendous value to those responsible for delivering business results by proactively identifying emerging problems and taking timely action to address them. ROI expert Dan Merriman offers advice on how to identify and implement leading... 

  • VoIP helps company trim costs, response time

    Byram Healthcare needed an efficient system to deal with thousands of customer support phone inquires. The company implemented a VoIP system that has helped it cut costs and more effectively respond to customers' needs. 

  • Business process re-engineering effort helps bank achieve more than 500% ROI

    A business process re-engineering efforts helped one bank achieve more than 500% ROI in eight months.The project also allowed the financial institution to effectively optimize internal processes and re-assign workloads and personnel. 

  • Don't just calculate ROI of IT projects. Help deliver it

    IT and business teams are beginning to put more effort into measuring the actual business value enabled by their technology investments.