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Operating systems management requires CIOs to stay up to date on upgrade needs, patch maintenance schedules and other tasks. Getting behind on operating system maintenance can put the enterprise at risk. Find the latest operating systems management-related news, tips and resources in this topic section.

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  • Enterprise DevOps and the CIO perspective

    Many IT and business professionals believe that enterprise DevOps -- the practice of putting developers and the IT operations people together so that building, testing and releasing software can happen more rapidly, frequently and reliably -- is the... Continue Reading

  • systems of engagement

    Systems of engagement are decentralized IT components that incorporate communication technologies such as social media to encourage and enable peer interaction. Continue Reading

  • Intelligent workload management (IWM)

    Intelligent workload management (IWM) is an approach to running IT systems in a way that rationally optimizes and maximizes use of computing resources and directing them toward better processing, workflow and delivery of services. Continue Reading

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