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  • Vendors duke it out over open source 'forking'

    To protect their interests, some vendors are making it difficult for other vendors to reuse their technology -- but they're still calling themselves open source. Experts are divided over whether this apparent diluting of open source is a problem. 

  • Dell to join forces with Microsoft, Novell on interoperability

    Dell Inc. joins Microsoft and Novell Inc. in their business collaboration designed to provide greater interoperability between Windows and SUSE Linux. 

  • Vendors-turned-open source rally round midmarket

    Software developers trying to improve their competitive edge by taking their products open source means CIOs will have more flexibility when they shop for software. 

  • IT outlook includes virtualization, SaaS, alignment and VoIP

    Virtualization, VoIP, SaaS and redefining alignment will be big in 2007, predicts Paul Gillin, TechTarget's former editor-in-chief. Find out what else he thinks will rise to the top of IT. 

  • Top five Infrastructure Strategies tips of 2006

    With 2006 winding down, we thought now would be a good time to reflect back on the year that was. Here, we've gathered our top five Infrastructure Strategies tips of the past year. 

  • Top IT Management Guides of 2006

    Check out the top five IT Management Guides of the year. 

  • Eclipse platform emerges as a major SOA player

    Eclipse and SOA have emerged in this decade. As Eclipse marks the fifth anniversary of its first open source download, it also looks forward to a major SOA tool release. 

  • Unix or Linux? Are you ready to make the move?

    The need for modernization and cost reduction, or a change in leadership may mean migration away from your existing Unix platform. If your company is the type to scale horizontally and you're uncomfortable with big iron, you may want to consider Linu... 

  • Linux or Unix: Pros and cons

    If you're in need of a reliable, scalable environment, Linux or Unix may be the answer. Discover the pros and cons of each and figure out which is the best fit for your needs. 

  • Infrastructure planning for CIOs

    Get resources and advice needed to build, upgrade and/or consolidate the various components of your enterprise infrastructure.