Open source enterprise software

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  • Open source and SMBs: Open your mind

    Open source software has become popular with SMBs, thanks to its price and security. But what do you really know about the technology? Find out with our quiz! 

  • Open source code vulnerability critical as licensing

    Experts say CIOs should consider code vulnerability as well as license compliance when trying to govern the open source code that has found its way into their infrastructure. 

  • Open source strategies for SMBs

    Open source technologies are secure, affordable options for SMBs. Find out more with our top five open source tips for SMBs. 

  • IBM makes U-turn, joins OpenOffice

    OpenOffice enjoyed a jolt of adrenaline this week as IBM announced Monday that it will join the open source software initiative. Analysts say the move should give OpenOffice a significant boost in its quest to take on Microsoft Office, but will it be... 

  • Linux desktop: Simpler, more secure than Windows

    Don't adopt Linux desktop just because you hate Microsoft, experts agree. Instead, make the switch to open source for the simplified maintenance and improved security. 

  • Five best practices for open source security

    While open source software is often more secure than its proprietary counterparts, it still needs to be hardened, patched and locked down before deployment in the enterprise. Here are five best practices for securing open source software at SMBs. 

  • Open source and website design: Caveat emptor

    Using open source software to redesign or create a website can be beneficial to resource-strapped SMBs, but caveat emptor -- there are hidden costs. 

  • IT cheat sheets for all

    They may seem like no-brainers to you, but some of your IT tricks and workarounds look magical to your peers. We've collected our favorite IT cheat sheets on topics ranging from AS/400 to HTML and Outlook so everyone can look like a whiz. 

  • Open source security OK, experts assure SMBs

    Although the vendor field is still sparse, open source technology is a strong option for securing SMBs' networks. 

  • Navy CIO OKs open source systems

    Open source software is now an official option for all IT systems in the Navy and Marine Corps, according to a guidance memo issued June 5 by the Department of the Navy's Office of the Chief Information Officer.