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  • Users eye iPods as cool enterprise tools

    The holidays may bring a flood of new consumer gadgets into the enterprise. New research shows that corporate IT should find ways to include them. 

  • Remote workers still imperil enterprise security, study finds

    Most workers who access data networks remotely or carry company-owned laptops are putting their employers at risk, according to a global security research study from Cisco Systems Inc. 

  • Cognos goes mobile with BlackBerry launch

    Cognos is preparing to unplug its business analysis software from the desktop PC and make it mobile, with plans for its first launch on BlackBerry devices in early 2007. 

  • Mobile workers push for smartphones

    Road warriors may prefer smartphones over laptops and PDAs, but equipping your entire mobile workforce with this nifty tool may not be such a great idea. 

  • Dell battery recall has upside

    After making the largest recall in computer history, could Dell actually come out of this ordeal looking better than ever? 

  • Tool offers better wireless security for laptop users

    Most companies do a pretty good job with wireless security within the office walls, but what happens when end users take their laptops home -- or to Starbucks? 

  • CIOs slow to make telecommuting part of DR plan

    A growing number of midsized companies are enabling employees to work from home. There are tremendous cost savings: it helps to retain workers and boost productivity and morale. But the idea that a laptop and access to the VPN can save you millions d... 

  • Security pest found on BlackBerry

    One of the first examples of malicious software on BlackBerry devices has surfaced, but manufacturer Research In Motion Ltd. does not see it as a serious threat. 

  • Mobile security begins with policy

    Mobile security can no longer be an afterthought. Mobile experts say security starts, but doesn't end, with policy. 

  • 'No wireless' mandate enforced at Blue Cross

    Blue Cross of Idaho had a "no wireless" policy on paper but never really enforced it -- until a team of auditors said the company had better do something.