Information technology laws

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  • Compliance software: Build a technology toolbox

    There's really no one technology answer for regulatory compliance. Companies need a variety of tools to effectively meet the requirements of regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. 

  • Midsized firms look to backup service providers for help

    Data growth and ever-tightening compliance rules are among the factors driving some organizations to turn to service providers for help with backups. 

  • Compliance and BI: Same mission, different approaches

    Both BI and compliance initiatives are used to help manage a company's assets. But they offer completely different approaches to the same goal. In this month's column, BI expert Wayne Eckerson discusses the differences and similarities between BI and... 

  • House passes data center efficiency bill

    The hot issue of power consumption in the data center has now reached the federal government, as the House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday, nearly unanimously, that would have the EPA study the issue. 

  • CIOs wary over data security bill

    Experts say any attempt by Congress to pass a data security bill would be a disaster. But a standard for the disclosure of data breaches is sorely needed. 

  • Texas school district hooks up affordable compliance archive

    A Texas school district connected its email system to archiving software and DVD jukeboxes, avoiding a cost and management hassle. 

  • Benefits of regulatory self-assessments

    Why should you pay for a nonbinding audit when you can prove steps of due care and due diligence on your own? Security expert Gary Miliefsky discusses the many benefits of regulatory self-assessments vs. external audits. 

  • Former CA chief pleads quilty to fraud

    Former CA chief Sanjay Kumar pleaded guilty on Monday to charges of financial fraud, part of a bookkeeping scandal that tarred the software company's image. 

  • Compliance costs too high, says SIA report

    According to a study released Monday by the Securities Industry Association (SIA), the cost of compliance has nearly doubled in the past three years. The good news: SIA says you don't have to be spending so much. 

  • Credit union takes top-down approach to compliance

    Regulatory compliance doesn't have to kill your IT staff. This credit union met regulations using a good framework, policies and procedures.