Information technology laws

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  • Firms bridging the gap between IT and the law

    One analyst firm expects a growing number of companies will hire legal specialists (with some IT background) to control costs and improve processes for dealing with electronic discovery. 

  • Green Grid tackles how to measure power usage

    The Green Grid opens for business, with a charter, a high-powered board and an invitation to others to get behind the cause. 

  • Massachusetts leads national TJX data probe

    The Massachusetts Attorney General is heading up a group of more than 30 states trying to force answers to how the massive TJX data breach happened. 

  • Email archiving: Four steps to ensuring success

    Compliance regulations and legal discovery issues are playing an increasingly important role in how emails are stored and retrieved. As a result, the need for email archiving has skyrocketed, and the CIO must play a significant role in making it work... 

  • Intellectual property: Six considerations to safeguard your assets

    Protecting your intellectual properties is a timely and ongoing process. Security expert Gary Miliefsky offers advice on how to assess and safeguard your company's most valuable assets. 

  • Securities fraud suits down, accounting complaints up

    The number of class actions filed alleging securities fraud plummeted in 2006, due in part to tougher enforcement, according to a study released by Stanford Law School. 

  • IM, blogs next target for litigation

    In litigation, email is still the No. 1 target of subpoenas for electronic records. But IMs and blogs are easily targeted, too, and need attention. 

  • E-discovery rules double-edged sword for CIOs

    The new federal e-discovery rules show a growing appreciation for the vastness and value of electronically stored data. But don't expect them to make your job easier. 

  • Regulation redundancy: Money down the drain

    A majority of organizations are still taking a costly manual approach to compliance and possibly putting themselves at risk. 

  • CIOs, experts bristle at prospect of EPA mandates

    The EPA has the green light to study energy consumption in data centers. Vendors say studies are good, but they're wary of possible government mandates. CIOs agree. The market will get them to energy efficiency faster than federal mandates.