IT project management and portfolio management

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  • Survey: Economy puts nonessential IT projects on back burner

    A survey finds nearly half of respondents don't expect information technology budgets to increase in 2009 and have put nonessential projects on the back burner as economic conditions worsen. 

  • Scottrade reinvents PMO for speed and volume

    As CIO of the discount online broker Scottrade Inc., Ian Patterson pays attention to speed and volume. In this interview, Patterson talks about the transformation of the company's program management office from creaky to competitive. 

  • JetBlue's new IT chief relentless on meeting business goals

    A PMO, off-the-shelf technology and a relentless focus on your company's strategy will help make you a leader among business executives, JetBlue's Joe Eng says. 

  • Project management needs to think smaller, faster

    Rather than plotting a big project from start to finish before pulling the trigger, CIOs should get comfortable with doing shorter projects, focus on the customer and manage risk. 

  • PMO leads IT revamp, gets a seat at the table

    Hired to get a project management office up and running, Robert Golden ended up renovating and then running IT at Insurance House Cos. His secret weapon? Facts. 

  • IBM: 'Liberate' your apps from SharePoint

    IBM takes aim at the SharePoint juggernaut, offering users a tool to move content into its own Lotus Quickr platform and IT a greater measure of control with a new administrative dashboard. 

  • Project and portfolio management take center stage

    As the economy sours, CIOs are more cognizant than ever of managing the IT portfolio for the highest returns to the business. Read these recent stories on PPM to learn why. 

  • Forbes' CIO reweights IT portfolio for growth with PPM

    Flying blind, the new CIO at Forbes uses project portfolio management (PPM) software to gain visibility and reallocate IT assets for business growth. 

  • PPM strategy a CIO's must-have in hard times

    CIOs should adopt a project portfolio management, or PPM, approach that begins and ends with the business -- if only to save their own skins. 

  • Project portfolio management takes flight at Sabre

    Managing a portfolio for the greatest ROI -- whether of stocks or IT projects -- is not easy. Project portfolio management (PPM) software sorts the decliners from the advancers.