IT project management and portfolio management

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  • Free IT service catalog templates for the CIO

    Creating and updating an IT service catalog can keep your business running smoothly. Check out these free IT service catalog templates on the Web. 

  • Free project scope statement templates for the CIO

    Project scope statements can help CIOs control initiatives and reach business goals. Find free examples of project scope statement templates here. 

  • project scope

    Project scope is the part of project planning that involves determining and documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, tasks and deadlines.  

  • PICK chart (Possible, Implement, Challenge and Kill chart)

    A PICK chart (Possible, Implement, Challenge and Kill chart) is a visual tool for organizing ideas. The purpose of a PICK chart is to identify which ideas can be implemented easily and have a high payoff. 

  • IT service catalog

    An IT service catalog, sometimes called an IT service portfolio, is a list of available technology resources and offerings within an organization. The catalog contains information about deliverables, prices, contact points and processes for requestin... 

  • Agile practices: Misuses and misperceptions

    Expert Joseph Flahiff explains why Agile practices aren't just about "being fast," and discusses other misperceptions about managing Agile projects. 

  • Yammer

    Yammer is a private microblogging and collaboration platform for enterprise social networking. Unlike public social media platforms such as Twitter,Yammer only allows members to connect with other members who belong to the same email domain. 

  • Three steps to better line-of-business services delivery

    Measure, analyze and standardize for better line-of-business services delivery. 

  • The right tools for a distributed software development team

    Use these three must-have tools to get the most out of a distributed software development team, but keep developer personal preferences in mind. 

  • IT prioritization

    IT prioritization is the process of initiating IT projects and procedures based on both the immediate and long-term needs of an organization.