IT governance

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  • The priority that persists

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. New research shows that an old problem is still the top concern for senior technology execs. 

  • Expert to CIOs: Be the 'CFO of IT'

    Between utility computing and offshore outsourcing, it's a pretty safe bet that the data center of tomorrow won't look like the data center of today. What can CIOs do to prepare for the inevitable evolution? In this interview, Tom Pisello, founder, C... 

  • The CIO makeover: From CTO to CFO of IT

    Now more than ever, CIOs need to prove their organization's contribution to overall business performance. This includes showing how IT spending results in bottom-line impact and drives strategic and competitive advantage. As a result, CIOs are shif... 

  • Three CIOs may be better than one

    A firm that makes business alignment its business has three CIOs to help perfect its product. But is alignment an old-fashioned notion -- about to be replaced by outsourcing? 

  • Burned by a bad CIO? Get over it!

    Just because the last CIO didn't cut it, that doesn't mean your IT department should lag in that person's legacy. Your firm must ask, assess and act. 

  • Why IT doesn't matter anymore

    Are we spending too much on technology? This provocative Harvard Business Review excerpt suggests that IT no longer conveys competitive advantage, so invest your capital elsewhere. 

  • Data Center Futures: Sharing control of the IT fiefdom

    If a business unit is paying IT for its services, why shouldn't it have a role in deciding what products are purchased? They should have a say, agree most CIOs. As a result, despite the inevitable frustration on both sides, a growing number of organi... 

  • Getting the hard facts about physical, logical and soft assets

    All assets -- physical, logical, and soft -- are important to successful IT service delivery. Once you can see them and how they relate to each other, you can model your infrastructure and better align service delivery to the needs of the enterprise.... 

  • Bridging the chasm between electronic and physical service delivery

    Electronic service delivery may be virtually fantastic, but automation is should complement, not replace, physical service delivery involving real human beings. 

  • Getting through to the CFO in three easy steps

    Looking for some C-level bliss? Need to improve your relationship with the CFO? Three steps could get you there.