IT asset management

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  • Time for a change management showdown at Asset Corral

    There is a structural disconnect between what most application vendors define as change management and asset management. By eliminating the gap between the services performed against assets and the static asset management repositories in which inform... 

  • A half-full asset management glass might as well be empty

    Until you gain visibility of all of the assets in your infrastructure, you're in for a rough ride. Once you can see detailed granularity, together with the interrelationships between assets, you can begin to optimize problem resolution and design pro... 

  • Computer security is for managers, too

    Computer security isn't just an IT headache. If you're a manager, you need to feel the pain too. Here are eight ways managers can protect their digital assets. 

  • Getting the hard facts about physical, logical and soft assets

    All assets -- physical, logical, and soft -- are important to successful IT service delivery. Once you can see them and how they relate to each other, you can model your infrastructure and better align service delivery to the needs of the enterprise.... 

  • Analyst: Security spending shifts to outsourcing by '07

    IDC predicts big growth in spending on security services by 2007. IDC said companies are looking for help in establishing a security baseline for their companies, assessing risks and help with management and implementation. 

  • PC replacements: Lawyers, auditors and common sense

    Think you're saving big bucks by hanging on to those "seasoned" PCs? Aberdeen Group explains why hanging on to those graying gadgets can cost you plenty. 

  • The abuse of 'inventory management' and how it's holding us back

    A cloud of confusion hangs over inventory management and its related terminology. Conventional asset management tools fall well short of delivering the functionality required to actually manage the entire asset management lifecycle. Inventory managem...