Enterprise server management

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  • Hurd: IT is an HP asset

    When it comes to technology, Mark Hurd, Hewlett-Packard's president and CEO, believes his company should set the ultimate example of how best to develop an IT infrastructure. 

  • Hewlett-Packard fires up new PC blades

    In the increasingly competitive field of PC blades, Hewlett-Packard jumped back into the mix yesterday with a major update of its Consolidated Client Infrastructure software and hardware. 

  • Green computing slow to take hold in U.S. businesses

    Just about every business wants to be environmentally friendly, but being green isn't cheap and it isn't necessarily easy -- or is it? 

  • IBM effort to focus on saving energy

    IBM is beginning a $1-billion-a-year investment program intended to double the energy efficiency of its computer data centers and those of its corporate customers. 

  • How to audit server room security

    Server rooms face a number of security threats -- whether human, physical or temperature. Follow these suggestions for how to best audit your server room security. 

  • Blade servers: Check IT List

    Blade servers offer many benefits for space-challenged and energy-conscious SMBs. Before you invest in blades, know the basics on blade servers and blade centers. 

  • Complex server virtualization setups thwart ROI

    Organizations using multiple server virtualization platforms find it difficult to calculate cost savings. 

  • HP sees green in energy efficiency

    Can a company that has spent years contributing to the problem lead the way to energy efficiency in IT areas -- and make a bundle doing it? HP announces its intention to do just that. 

  • Green Grid tackles how to measure power usage

    The Green Grid opens for business, with a charter, a high-powered board and an invitation to others to get behind the cause. 

  • Virtualization by the numbers: ROI not just about hardware

    If you can believe the numbers bandied about at a recent virtualization forum in New York, virtualization has gone mainstream and increasingly will drive business policies and strategy.