Enterprise security and risk management

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  • Follow the flying car 'proof of process' business model to $1 billion?

    Faster and safer than a car, easier to operate than a plane, more convenient than commercial flying, here comes the flying car -- again.

  • Why is 'bring your own encryption' (BYOE) important?

    In this Ask the Expert, Forrester analyst James Staten details the importance of the bring your own encryption (BYOE) fad as a cloud security model.

  • Mapping enterprise infrastructure is needed to improve cybersecurity

    In this SearchCIO video, security expert Pauline Neville-Jones discusses why mapping IT infrastructure is needed to improve cybersecurity.

  • Cybersecurity awareness could thrive if state government stepped in

    Pauline Neville-Jones offers U.S. corporations a page out of her cybersecurity awareness campaign.

  • How to build a security roadmap with a cascade approach

    Having trouble gaining upper-level support for security plans? In this video, learn how to build a one-page security roadmap with a cascade approach.

  • Cloud migration strategy: What's holding CIOs back?

    Some CIOs have yet to adopt a cloud migration strategy despite the many benefits. What holds them back? Editorial Director Christina Torode explores.

  • Securing and mitigating risk in the cloud

    Cloud computing offers a number of upsides for IT organizations: flexibility, scalability and off-site infrastructure, to name only a few. Yet some enterprise CIOs are still hesitant to adopt cloud computing due to concerns about properly securing and mitigating risk. Are their concerns valid?

    In this issue of Modern Infrastructure, CIO Edition, we examine the security challenges inherent in cloud computing and address how to meet these concerns head-on. CIO columnist Harvey Koeppel looks at governance, risk and compliance maturity and the cloud's value proposition. In our cover story, Features Writer Karen Goulart looks at how self-education, as well as vendor input, are creating change in the air when it comes to cloud use. Finally, CEB consultants Mark Tonsetic and Jeremy Bergsman offer three steps for building an enterprise framework for managing and mitigating risk in the cloud.

  • public data

    Public data is information that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone with no existing local, national or international legal restrictions on access or usage.

  • The trials and tribulations of IT consumerization

    IT consumerization adds business value but comes with liabilities. Just ask the e-discovery industry.

  • Policies for BYOD: Readers talk back about mobility, security

    Establishing policies for BYOD remains a top priority for CIOs, according to SearchCIO readers in our latest CIO Chatter.

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