Enterprise risk management

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  • Content monitoring tags questionable email activity

    You've spent thousands to keep malware and hackers out, but what are you doing to keep your data inside? Encryption can lock things down, but you need visibility to make sure the data is truly safe. 

  • Why did Microsoft delay IE Patch?

    Microsoft has delayed the re-release of a critical Internet Explorer browser patch because of an internal glitch. Security experts are not happy. 

  • Information security part of maintaining customer loyalty, experts say

    If your company is losing business because its website isn't as secure as it could be, this is your problem as much as it is marketing's. Now would be a good time to start working together. 

  • Looking to a future without passwords

    Security pros know that passwords are nothing but trouble. For them, single sign-on, two-factor authentication and federated ID represent the path to stronger authentication. 

  • CIO Decisions 2006: 100% security just an illusion

    When it comes to buying and implementing security systems, it's all about determining your risk level. Even then, CIOs have to surrender the notion they can foresee and prevent all threats. 

  • Special Report: Ideal intrusion defense combines processes and people

    What defines good enterprise intrusion defense? In the first installment of Intruder Alert, a special three-day series, IT pros say the best programs thwart not only the bad computing habits of insiders, but also the spyware and other malware they al... 

  • American Fidelity shows how DR planning gets done

    American Fidelity Assurance Company's No. 1 priority is paying claims -- especially in a disaster. To make sure it meets those needs, it tests core IT systems twice a year. 

  • Data theft prompts firm to lock down, protect network

    After a disgruntled employee made off with several CDs of data, an automotive data reseller realized it had to install better protection at the endpoints. 

  • Fidelity snafu spotlights need for laptop security policies

    The theft last week of a Fidelity-owned laptop containing sensitive data on thousands of clients could have easily been prevented. Are your users paying attention to laptop security policy? 

  • Poor government security makes industry wary

    An annual review shows government security practices aren't improving. Experts worry it could harm Homeland Security's ability to work with the private sector to stop cybercrime.