Enterprise risk management

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  • Security and Sarbanes-Oxley

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed to restore public confidence in corporate governance. Quietly, however, the law may open channels of communication between CSOs and upper-level management concerned with the level of security controls in place. 

  • CIO feeling secure about security

    The onslaught of worms and viruses that has hit the tech industry hard in recent months has companies once again thinking hard about security. SearchCIO.com asked Kurt Williams, CIO of Summit Electric Supply, a distributor of "anything that has to do... 

  • IT therefore IM: Don't fight IM, learn to manage it

    Instant messaging software is increasingly becoming an irreplaceable piece of how people take care of business on a daily basis, no matter what kind of organization they work for. As companies struggle to control the spread and use of IM in their cor... 

  • Computer security is for managers, too

    Computer security isn't just an IT headache. If you're a manager, you need to feel the pain too. Here are eight ways managers can protect their digital assets. 

  • Burned by a bad CIO? Get over it!

    Just because the last CIO didn't cut it, that doesn't mean your IT department should lag in that person's legacy. Your firm must ask, assess and act. 

  • CIO Trendwatch: Utility computing good, spam bad

    Utility computing makes so much sense, it's scary. Spam is just plain scary. Both topics are hot for totally different reasons. 

  • Gartner: Where does a CSO fit in the enterprise chain?

    Chief security officers at the Gartner IT Security Summit weren't jockeying for power, but they were making a case for being at a level equal to that of the CIO. 

  • Privacy and security at Oracle: Two heads are better than one

    While many organizations are just beginning to introduce the role of the privacy professional into the C-level ranks, Oracle may have conquered privacy and security issues with its CPO-CSO team. 

  • Analyst: Security spending shifts to outsourcing by '07

    IDC predicts big growth in spending on security services by 2007. IDC said companies are looking for help in establishing a security baseline for their companies, assessing risks and help with management and implementation. 

  • PC replacements: Lawyers, auditors and common sense

    Think you're saving big bucks by hanging on to those "seasoned" PCs? Aberdeen Group explains why hanging on to those graying gadgets can cost you plenty.