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  • Data shows spyware becoming 'global pandemic'

    The worldwide spyware threat is growing and the most serious hazards -- Trojans and keystroke loggers -- represent a grave threat to unsuspecting corporations. 

  • Perspectives: Page through this library

    You're overworked, underfunded, poorly appreciated and spend too much of your time trying to convince your organization -- particularly management -- that information security is important and best practices should be followed. Too often, your argume... 

  • Spyware Survey: Do users want Uncle Sam in this fight?

    In the final installment of our three-part series, users sound off on whether government should get more aggressive against spyware or get out of the way. 

  • Spyware Survey: Squashing the pests in your PC

    In part 2 of our three-part series, users explain which weapons are best when they want to extract spyware from their network and keep it out. 

  • Spyware Survey: Coming to terms with the problem

    Before you can effectively cleanse machines of unwelcomed files and programs, you must determine what to delete -- if you can find it. 

  • September sees surge in IM threats

    Instant messaging programs are becoming a favorite target among malicious code writers, according to one security vendor. 

  • DR plans hindered by poor communication

    Users at Storage Decisions discussed their strategies for coordinating an effective DR plan with their business managers. 

  • New Orleans CIO: Katrina spurs Internet election

    New Orleans CIO Greg Meffert has initiated an Internet-voting project that will allow displaced residents to cast ballots in the next mayoral election. 

  • Cybercrooks going after the desktop

    The antivirus giant's report on threats for the first half of 2005 shows a dramatic increase in the amount of code designed to commit fraud. 

  • Katrina: IT lessons in disaster recovery

    SCP Pool Corp. CIO Tim Babco is among those executives whose disaster recovery plan stayed one step ahead of Hurricane Katrina.