Enterprise information security management

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  • Symantec CIO takes on virtualization, device policy

    Symantec CIO David Thompson says virtualization is a big part of the security giant's future and it has developed a policy to mitigate virtualization security risks. 

  • Third-party patches: IT pros debate their worth

    Security patches issued by third parties have become more prevalent in recent months, and while some security pros endorse them, others say they're more trouble than they're worth. 

  • AT&T hack exposes 19,000 identities

    A cyberattack on the telecommunications giant over the weekend affects about 19,000 customers who bought equipment for high-speed DSL connections online. 

  • Why did Microsoft delay IE Patch?

    Microsoft has delayed the re-release of a critical Internet Explorer browser patch because of an internal glitch. Security experts are not happy. 

  • Information security part of maintaining customer loyalty, experts say

    If your company is losing business because its website isn't as secure as it could be, this is your problem as much as it is marketing's. Now would be a good time to start working together. 

  • Spyware war may be losing battle, experts say

    Spyware is a top concern among security professionals, but experts say there may be no technology that can stop its spread. Instead, the spyware battle may need to be waged on a different front. 

  • Image-based spam scams on the rise

    By using images instead of text, spammers are invading your inbox with a lot more than offensive language. Not only are the emails vulgar and invasive, but they're also creating huge storage and bandwidth problems. 

  • CIOs take heat for security snafus

    Are CIOs being used as scapegoats when companies experience a major security breach, and fighting an uphill battle when it comes to authority and control? 

  • 'No wireless' mandate enforced at Blue Cross

    Blue Cross of Idaho had a "no wireless" policy on paper but never really enforced it -- until a team of auditors said the company had better do something. 

  • Microsoft readies management bundle for midsized users

    System Center Essentials 2007 is a Windows manageability package set for public beta this fall. The features are targeted at midsized companies, but how about the price?