Enterprise information security management

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  • Security flaw could ground Wi-Fi users

    Security monitoring groups warn there's a hole that could allow nearby hackers to execute kernel-mode code the minute you open up your Wi-Fi. 

  • Users eye iPods as cool enterprise tools

    The holidays may bring a flood of new consumer gadgets into the enterprise. New research shows that corporate IT should find ways to include them. 

  • Microsoft tackles second zero-day threat in a week

    This time, attackers are going after a zero-day flaw in Windows, and Microsoft has released some workarounds until a patch is available. 

  • Secure access and simplicity -- a balancing act that pays off

    Securing $5 billion worth of investment portfolios while allowing easy access for customers and partners are just a few of the challenges investment firm Financial Engines meets -- while keeping up with compliance standards. 

  • IAM deployment snapshot

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City had a list of requirements and projected costs for its identity and access management project. Here's the details. 

  • Mobile device encryption: A best practice that no one uses

    Experts and IT executives agree that mobile device encryption is the best way to protect data. But too few companies are actually deploying this critical technology. 

  • ID and access management: Just say yes

    Implementing an identity and access management system begins with the executive approval process. Joel Dubin offers detailed steps to winning over your CEO and CFO with ROI benchmarks. 

  • IT perplexed by password-protection challenges

    Despite using a plethora of preventive measures, IT managers can't seem to stop users from recording their passwords on Post-It Notes or in their PDAs. Experts say it's like locking your front door and sticking the key to the doorbell. 

  • FBI: Cyberattacks underreported

    Companies should do more to report cybercrimes such as hacking and phishing to help federal authorities investigate and ensure that additional data isn't compromised beyond initial attacks, a high-ranking FBI official said. 

  • 10 tips in 10 minutes: Understanding and complying with security breach notification laws

    In this rapid-fire session, information technology lawyer Matt Karlyn delivers 10 tips you can use to better understand and comply with state security breach notification laws. Karlyn discusses several of the more complex elements of some states laws...