Enterprise data security and privacy

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  • Online brokerage account scams worry SEC

    High-tech crooks are hijacking online brokerage accounts by using spyware and operating from remote locations, sometimes in Eastern Europe, U.S. market regulators said on Friday. 

  • Lax policies, not bad auditors responsible for stolen data

    Companies take the heat when outside auditors "lose" personal data about customers and employees. Blame it on stupidity, carelessness or just plain bad luck, but don't blame the auditor. 

  • CIOs wary over data security bill

    Experts say any attempt by Congress to pass a data security bill would be a disaster. But a standard for the disclosure of data breaches is sorely needed. 

  • VA not alone in data carelessness, says watchdog group

    It isn't just Veterans Affairs that's putting its data at risk. The personal information about Americans isn't safeguarded properly throughout the government, and the consequences could be disastrous, congressional investigators say. 

  • The customer loyalty costs of data breaches

    Breaches of customer data are almost commonplace these days, but they can still mean a big cost and a big blow to customer loyalty. 

  • FTC promotes ID theft awareness

    The government's new quiz aims to highlight the growing problem, but the latest data suggests many consumers still fail to protect their identity. 

  • ChoicePoint settles FTC charges, pays $15 million

    The firm will pay $10 million in civil penalties and $5 million for consumer redress after thieves stole records of more than 163,000 people. 

  • Data leaks and losses abound

    Whether it was a government Web site exposing sensitive data or a bank losing a tape with 90,000 customers' Social Security numbers, this week there were plenty of data security snafus. 

  • Marriott breach spotlights internal data security

    Experts say Marriott's recent data loss shows that internal data security controls may be lagging at many companies. 

  • Spyware Survey: Do users want Uncle Sam in this fight?

    In the final installment of our three-part series, users sound off on whether government should get more aggressive against spyware or get out of the way.