Enterprise data security and privacy

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  • Extending the reach of enterprise security management

    In today's extended enterprise, cloud computing is redefining traditional supply chains, data is a currency as well as a risk point and the bring-your-own movement around applications, services and devices is muddying the dividing line between "home... 

  • Establishing an effective BYOD security policy

    Is your IT staff struggling to keep up with the security demands brought on by trends like consumerization? Let’s face it, shutting your doors to social applications, certain websites and mobile devices can create an unhappy workforce. So how do you ... 

  • Managing the mobile workforce

    Smartphones, tablet computers and other on-the-go devices are transforming enterprise operations. In the June 2011 edition of Enterprise CIO Decisions Ezine, learn about managing the mobile workforce and preparing for the mobile revolution. 

  • Taking a holistic approach to data protection methods

    In this e-book, the SearchCIO.com team explores how data protection encompasses a host of technologies, business processes and best practices. Government regulations threaten dire consequences for noncompliance, and compromised data quickly becomes a... 

  • pretexting

    Pretexting is a form of social engineering in which one individual lies to obtain privileged data about another individual in order to engage in identity theft or corporate espionage. A pretext is a false motive. 

About Enterprise data security and privacy

CIOs face regular enterprise data security and privacy issues as they are expected to effectively use technology to share data while still following specific rules and regulations to protect personal information. Specific data security and privacy issues include creating best practices for security and data theft prevention, setting up data privacy policies and avoiding data privacy incidents. Find the latest enterprise data security and privacy information for CIOs, including news, tips and other resources, in this topic section.