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Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as cognitive computing, machine learning and robotic process automation seek to simulate human intelligence: learning, reasoning and self-correcting -- through technology. In this topic area, find the latest news, tips and opinion about the role of enterprise artificial intelligence in IT and business strategy.

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  • robot economy

    The robot economy is an environment in which most labor is performed by robots and software. The word robot, in this context, refers to both physical systems and AI-enhanced software such as expert systems. Continue Reading

  • augmented intelligence

    Augmented intelligence is an alternative conceptualization of artificial intelligence that emphasizes AI's assistive role, supplementing human intelligence rather than replacing it. Continue Reading

  • Running Agile at scale: Three challenges

    CEB: To implement Agile at scale, CIOs will need to educate product managers, seek nontraditional sources of funding and become Agile ambassadors. Continue Reading

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