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Enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) software and programs help any sales force take better care of its customers. For IT, making sure enterprise CRM software is constantly available and on point is key. Find the latest on CRM solutions, including news, tips and other resources, in this section.

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  • localization

    Localization (sometimes shortened to "L10n") is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture and desired local "look-and-feel." The process of first enabling a product to be localized and then localizing it for ... Continue Reading

  • customer-centric

    Customer-centric is an approach to doing business that focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point of sale and after the sale in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage. Continue Reading

  • Master a multichannel customer engagement strategy

    Mobile computing, geolocation targeting, and sophisticated data collection and analytics tools are building toward increased customer interactions, but determining how to best deliver information to customers is still a work in progress at many ... Continue Reading

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