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Email and messaging management doesn't end with the technology -- you also have to set policies that deal with the people using your email and messaging applications. Get tips on how to enforce your email policy, manage email servers, choose the right instant messaging software and more with the email and messaging management advice, news and resources in this section.

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  • ephemeral messaging

    Ephemeral messaging is the mobile-to-mobile transmission of multimedia messages that automatically disappear from the recipient's screen after the message has been viewed. Continue Reading

  • email management

    Email management is a systematic approach to maximizing the efficiency of email practices and minimizing the negative effects that email handling can have on an individual's productivity and job satisfaction. In the workplace, handling email ... Continue Reading

  • self-destructing email

    Self-destructing email is electronic mail that vanishes or becomes unreadable after a certain length of time or upon the request of the sender... (Continued) Continue Reading

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