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  • ERP Journey: Knowledge capture that sticks (unlike Silly Putty)

    Silly Putty, a one-ounce orb of bouncing, malleable material of indeterminate composition, was a fad in the 1950s and 1960s. The ball of putty inside the bright red plastic egg was magical. For just a week or two's allowance, we could buy the leading... 

  • ERP at work: Preparing for takeoff, one little bang at a time

    If our estimates hold, we will complete our ERP project 18 months after we started searching for a new system. We chose carefully, after negotiating for six months. The contract is signed, the celebratory meal is a pleasant, high-calorie memory, and ... 

  • Negotiating more than 'the bare necessities'

    Recently I had the opportunity to practice spontaneous negotiation during my annual fishing trip to Alaska. It seems that a local and I had been planning to fish the same stretch of river at the same time. While sure of my legal position, thanks to t... 

  • ERP Journey: Stop the train

    An ERP project reaches a critical point: deciding on a vendor. 

  • ERP vendor vetting: On and off the road

    Someone once said, "You are never as well fed as when you're an ERP prospect," and I have the increased waistline to prove it. I feel like the fatted calf. 

  • ERP: The beginning

    Editor's Note: Selecting an ERP system is one of the most challenging projects a CIO performs. Les Johnson, CIO at a western wholesale electrical distributor, is going through that process. In this and the coming months, Les will chronicle his journe... 

  • Five things you should know about BI tools

    Most executives understand the benefits of rolling out business intelligence (BI) to all workers in the enterprise. But they may not be prepared for a common set of problems that almost all BI projects bring. 

  • at CIO Decisions Conference, Aug. 3-4, 2005

    A roundup of articles from the CIO Decisions conference. For more articles, visit

  • Vertical Views: Midsized manufacturers grow with globalization

    Watts Water Technologies Inc. was a provincial company for nearly a century. But that changed when the North Andover, Mass.-based manufacturer launched an aggressive global push in the 1980s. Today, China has become an indispensable part of the $860 ... 

  • Quiz: Linux basics

    Are you ready for Linux? Take this quiz on Linux basics and see how much you know about Linux before you make the switch.