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  • Dell to join forces with Microsoft, Novell on interoperability

    Dell Inc. joins Microsoft and Novell Inc. in their business collaboration designed to provide greater interoperability between Windows and SUSE Linux. 

  • CIO disillusioned with Windows PCs, tests Macintosh computers

    Fed up with the inflexibility of a Microsoft-centric shop, one CIO is tossing around the idea of swapping out his PCs for Macs. It isn't necessarily a great idea, say some experts, but it isn't entirely unreasonable. 

  • AMD shortfall gives Intel momentum, for now

    The news from AMD that it will not make its revenue projections for Q1 points up a worrisome trend for the Sunnyvale, Calif., chipmaker. 

  • HP sees green in energy efficiency

    Can a company that has spent years contributing to the problem lead the way to energy efficiency in IT areas -- and make a bundle doing it? HP announces its intention to do just that. 

  • Windows Vista: Finding alternatives

    SMBs have been slow to adopt Microsoft's recently released Vista operating system, which begs the question: What are the alternatives? Find out here. 

  • HP unites on SMB strategy

    Despite a stronghold on the midmarket, Hewlett-Packard is solidifying its SMB strategy in an attempt to garner a bigger portion of the pie. 

  • HP beats Dell (again) at its own game

    Hewlett-Packard surpassed rival Dell in personal computer sales for the second straight quarter. But some analysts raise doubts that the computer giant can sustain the momentum, pointing to an atypical second quarter sales forecast and slippage in ov... 

  • VMware coaxes SMBs with low-cost management tool

    SMBs that have downloaded VMware Server for free now have the option of buying a low-cost virtualization management product from VMware. 

  • Vista adoption off to a slow start

    SMB adoption of Vista will be relatively modest. Still, there are a lot of businesses prepared to make the move. 

  • Startup to launch safer notebook battery

    Boston-Power Inc. plans to show off a battery Tuesday that it claims is a lot like conventional lithium ion batteries but with a difference: It is less likely to blow up.