Desktop and laptop management

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  • Gartner warns of misguided virtualization strategies

    Experts say IT managers considering virtualization need to think beyond power and cooling and instead strategize how the technology will transform IT. 

  • Linux desktop: Simpler, more secure than Windows

    Don't adopt Linux desktop just because you hate Microsoft, experts agree. Instead, make the switch to open source for the simplified maintenance and improved security. 

  • SEC woes aside, Dell making strides

    Dell's second-quarter earnings aside, CIOs would do well to keep an eye on two things when it comes to the world's No. 2 computer maker: storage and professional services. 

  • Startup gives virtualized twist to mobile computing

    A California startup offers up software that allows users to carry their desktop in their pockets and companies to get out of the business of provisioning PCs. 

  • Dell pledges SMB support with launch of new PCs

    CEO Michael Dell promises better customer service and easier-to-use products in an aggressive attempt to gain favor with small businesses. 

  • Second-quarter recap

    As we enter the final weeks of the second quarter of the year, it seemed like a good time to revisit some of the advice, news, IT Management Guides and special features from the past few months. 

  • Virtual desktops: Cheap and effective

    Desktop virtualization is a reliable way for SMBs to lower the cost of operating systems, applications and security by turning PCs into easy-to-manage, file-like images. But wait -- you also get reliability and efficiency. 

  • Hewlett-Packard fires up new PC blades

    In the increasingly competitive field of PC blades, Hewlett-Packard jumped back into the mix yesterday with a major update of its Consolidated Client Infrastructure software and hardware. 

  • Laptop security best practices

    Laptops can free employees to work remotely, allowing them to telecommute and travel easily. But that freedom comes with security perils. 

  • Microsoft to reach out to IBM, Cisco on interoperability

    Microsoft says it plans to follow up on customer feedback by reaching out and working more closely on interoperability with IBM and Cisco Systems Inc.