Contract negotiations and legal issues

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  • Managing outsourcing contracts of all sizes

    From internal buy-in to external politics, managing your outsourcing contract requires diplomacy and a clear vision. 

  • 13 steps to successfully managing your offshore outsourcing supplier

    More than half of offshore deals wash up on the shores of failure. David Foote offers up a baker's dozen tips for ensuring success over there. 

  • Offshoring? Get those legal ducks in a row

    Outsourcing is a complex, often misunderstood business strategy that can effectively help companies maximize profitability by improving operating efficiency and allowing management to focus on core business activities. The related practice of offshor... 

  • Mitigating risk in outsourcing

    Putting time into a solid outsource contract can significantly minimize your risk and liability. 

  • Gartner's 10 steps to mastering outsourcing

    Being the master of your outsourcing domain takes a lot of work, according to one Gartner analyst. She outlined 10 important steps to keep your outsourcing deals from coming unsealed. 

  • Meta: Outsourcing laws still a long way off

    Offshore outsourcing is a moving target for both state and federal lawmakers. So far, none of the bills have become laws, and right now CIOs shouldn't dwell on the legal rhetoric. There are plenty of other offshore risks to worry about. 

  • Gartner: Outsourcing deals will go on a diet

    How will outsourcing deals grow and shrink at the same time? Gartner predicts that more companies will outsource in 2004 but that the deals will be leaner and meaner. 

  • Reading between the HIPAA guidelines

    Through extensive documentation and multiple deadlines, HIPAA legislation spells out exactly 'what' needs to be accomplished to achieve compliance; but they fail to spell out 'how'. Find out more about the 'hows' of staying HIPAA compliant when send... 

  • Steps to Success: Know what you're getting into with offshore outsourcing

    Thinking about hopping aboard the offshore bandwagon? You'd better know what you're doing before you sign the dotted line. Five steps could help keep your offshore venture from turning into an ordeal. 

  • 10 secrets of successful offshore software development, part 2

    If you want to get some extra "oomph" from offshore software development, "extrasourcing" could be the ticket.