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CIO career development and career paths are hot topics for IT leaders looking to advance their position with the organization. CIOs looking to advance their careers should consider business and financial training as part of their growth plan. Find the latest CIO career development and career path information and advice, including news, tips and other IT job resources, here in this topic section.

CIO Career Development and Career Paths News

  • September 27, 2016 27 Sep'16

    The changing role of the CIO

    In this Essential Guide, explore how business digitization, technology innovation and C-level engagement is changing the modern CIO's role.

  • August 05, 2016 05 Aug'16

    Intel CIO is a woman. So what?

    The appointment of a woman to replace another woman for the Intel CIO job might suggest the IT gender gap has closed. Not so. Also in Searchlight: Bitcoin gets robbed.

  • July 30, 2016 30 Jul'16

    CIO profession: The agony and optimism of the tech-savvy CIO

    The digitization of businesses is redefining the CIO profession, making it critical to have business smarts. But the fundamentals of technology still apply.

  • July 29, 2016 29 Jul'16

    JetBlue CIO, digital leader, venture capital investor

    JetBlue CIO Eash Sundaram adds a new twist to the role: venture capital investor. He's representative of the latest iteration of the top IT job, says headhunter Shawn Banjeri: CIOs who take the ...

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  • T-shaped employee

    A T-shaped employee, in the context of human resources, is an individual that has a depth of knowledge and skills in a particular area of specialization, along with a breadth of knowledge in related areas and the ability to make connections across ... Continue Reading

  • CEO and other C-suite executive titles

    The CEO, or chief executive officer, is part of the C-suite. Other C-suite executive titles include the chief financial officer, chief operating officer, chief information officer and more. Continue Reading

  • CEO (chief executive officer)

    The CEO, or chief executive officer, is the top position in an organization. CEOs are responsible for executing existing plans and policies, overseeing business management and setting future strategy. Continue Reading

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