CIO and IT salaries

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  • Consolidation, midmarket growth alter CIO job prospects

    Even as overall IT spending slowed, the IT job market grew at a solid pace in 2006, according to a recent Forrester Research report. The number of CIO jobs, however, may not have fared as well. 

  • Winning the IT labor battle in the 'age of the worker'

    The retirement of the baby boomers and a decline in computer science majors means CIOs must find creative ways to attract and keep a high-quality staff. 

  • A booming job market means headaches for CIOs

    New research shows that IT salaries are growing at a faster rate than any time this decade. With a shrinking talent pool and expanding headcounts, CIOs are scrambling to hire new staff and to hold on to those they already have. 

  • CIO pay: Under the radar and maybe rightly so

    The good news is that the public outcry over excessive pay for U.S. executives is unlikely to extend to CIOs anytime soon. The bad news is, well, the same. 

  • Got IT credentials?

    SMBs hire all types of IT professionals, from those with a basic four-year college degree to MBA's, PhD.'s, technical certifications and more. Does it matter? 

  • Consulting lucrative gig for baby-boomer CIOs

    Many CIOs are turning to consulting and project-based work to keep working. Some do it by choice. But a growing number do it because it beats being out of work altogether. 

  • SMBs: Better to be a big fish in a small pond

    Not everyone aspires to work for an enterprise organization. In fact, a new survey suggests that IT managers at smaller companies may be generally more satisfied with their jobs. 

  • Brief: Skills compensation showing up in techies' paychecks

    More employers are rewarding their IT workers by increasing their base pay instead of giving the traditional bonus. 

  • ERP, CRM drive modest hiring gains in tight market

    CIOs are hiring, but for very specific purposes -- and according to a new survey, it's likely they'll have to up the ante in order to get the very best talent. 

  • IT renaissance employees wanted

    Small and medium-sized businesses face tougher challenges when hiring employees than larger companies. But some of those challenges do have silver linings.