• two-speed IT

    Two-speed IT is the concept that strategic planning for an IT department should include a fast track that allows some projects to be implemented quickly.

  • Prescriptive analytics: Is an optimized future within our grasp?

    Prescriptive analytics promises to not just identify what might happen next but actually give us the RX for optimizing those outcomes. Is it for real?

  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

    A chief digital officer (CDO) is an executive enlisted to help businesses transform traditional IT policies and business processes to accommodate digital sectors such as mobile technology and appli...

  • change management strategy

    A change management strategy is a systematic approach to making adjustments to the application of a set of tools, processes or skills during a project or initiative.

Business process management

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  • business process improvement (BPI)

    Business process improvement (BPI) is a strategic planning methodology aimed at identifying the operations or employee skills that could be corrected, modified or removed to encourage smoother procedures, more efficient workflow and overall business ... 

  • The new BPM program: A focus on data-driven business outcomes

    With an emphasis on data-driven business results, the new BPM program is giving CIOs the tools to help grow the business. 

  • Enterprise BPM beyond battling bottlenecks

    Enterprise BPM is about more than battling bottlenecks. CIOs are looking to business process management to help grow the business and hone a competitive edge. 

  • New BPM process and strategy prioritize data-driven outcomes

    Business process management is traditionally focused on improving workflows and rooting out inefficiencies, but new BPM process and strategy is emerging, centered on growing the organization through an emphasis on data-driven business outcomes. In th... 

  • process mapping

    Process mapping is a step in workflow management that seeks to document and align business practices with the timelines and resources that enable the highest degree of productivity and efficiency. 

  • Readers talk technological advancement, future planning, Ray Kurzweil

    In this CIO Chatter roundup, see what readers had to say about Ray Kurzweil's perspectives on technological advancement and future planning for IT. 

  • cutting edge

    Cutting edge is an adjective used to describe the newest, most advanced version of a product or service. The phrase cutting edge has a positive connotation and can be contrasted with the phrase bleeding edge, which has a negative connotation. Bleedin... 

  • repeatable process

    A repeatable process is a set of actions that allow for a more efficient use of limited resources and reduce unwanted variation during the development and implementation of various projects. 

  • SRI International (SRI)

    SRI International (SRI), founded as Stanford Research Institute International, is an independent, non-profit research institute headquartered in Menlo Park, California. SRI International specializes in conducting client-sponsored research and develop... 

  • Forrester: Achieve business agility by adopting these 10 attributes

    Is your company struggling to keep up with the lightning-quick pace of change? Forrester explains the 10 attributes of business agility.