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CIO News

  • Week of 27 Jul 2015 Windows 10 Enterprise: No apologies necessary (31 Jul 2015)

    Microsoft's Windows 10 Enterprise makes Windows 8 seem like a distant memory. But should CIOs wait or take the bait? Also in Searchlight, Google uses sensors to fight pollution; Intel's new memory...

  • Week of 20 Jul 2015 The platform business model: An introduction (24 Jul 2015)

    Airbnb does it; Uber does it. What about your organization? Sangeet Paul Choudary lays out the fundamentals of the platform business model.

  • Sony bets on Drones as a Service (24 Jul 2015)

    Sony is launching a new Drones as a Service business unit that uses its image sensor technology. CIOs should prepare themselves for this growing market, experts say. Also in Searchlight: Hackers...

  • Five 'platform dichotomies': Challenges of a platform strategy (20 Jul 2015)

    A successful platform strategy can make or break a company in today's digital era, said Accenture's CTO at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit. He listed the five big challenges companies face as they...

  • Week of 13 Jul 2015 Adobe Flash vulnerabilities a tipping point for Mozilla, Facebook (17 Jul 2015)

    Mozilla, Google and Facebook united in dissent following the discovery of more Adobe Flash vulnerabilities. Why does it matter to CIOs? Also in Searchlight: Prime Day disappoints; Reddit resolves to...

  • How to survive cyberassaults: Seven steps to 'digital resilience' (16 Jul 2015)

    A new book from the World Economic Forum and McKinsey argues that cybersecurity, as currently practiced, is a recipe for disaster. The digital business requires digital resilience.

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