Enterprise mobile apps and business software guide for CIOs

Enterprise mobile apps and business software guide for CIOs

Is your enterprise mobile apps and software strategy up to snuff? Find out with the resources in this guide.

As IT users move off desktops and laptops and embrace the location-agnostic freedom offered by smartphones and tablets, CIOs are grappling with providing new IT and business services to their staff and customers. With enterprise mobile apps and business software increasingly indispensible to both internal and external IT users looking to maximize their online experiences, enterprise offerings must sync with users' mobile-fueled expectations.

Is your organization prepared for this revolution in enterprise mobile apps and business software? This guide gets to the heart of what enterprises should be considering when it comes to the intersection between mobility and business software and applications aplenty. Learn about the enterprise mobile apps, website redesigns and business software strategies relevant to your organization's success in an untethered world.

This guide is part of SearchCIO.com's CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

Table of contents:

Making enterprise mobile apps a strategic proposition

Today's CIOs are being called upon to juggle more technologies than ever before. Knowing where and how to best focus their energies and resources is critical. With the rising demand from both internal and external consumers for access to information anytime, anywhere and on any device, mobility has edged its way to the top of many a CIO agenda. With this prominence comes a need for IT leaders to build a strong mobile strategy.

According to Niel Nickolaisen, CIO at Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, when IT executives are faced with changes in technology, business rules, market conditions and so forth, one of the best options is to be a leader: "In my experience, we make ourselves obsolete if we deny change. If we resist change, we get fired. If we embrace change, we keep our jobs. If we lead change, however, we prosper, IT prospers and the organization thinks we are geniuses!"

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Enterprise mobile apps make for happy IT users

"When was the last time you actually talked about a desktop application?" Michael Le Du asked with a laugh.

As chief technology officer at New York City-based Maxim magazine, Le Du spends a lot of time on app dev, and believes we're on the road to an app-centric world. While there is something to be said about the importance of the aforementioned desktop apps, they're not the highlight of the conversation.

Experts and IT leaders believe the real business value in today's enterprise is being created at the application level -- be those apps employee-facing or consumer-facing. They also believe that in this information-on-demand era, those applications need to be part of a mobile strategy.

"Nowadays we use those terms, app and mobile app, almost synonymously," Le Du said. "More often than not, when you're reading or talking about an app, it's mobile, because that's really where all the activity is right now."

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Terminology for mobile business apps and software

Familiarize yourself with the following terms related to mobile business apps and software.

Bringing enterprise business software to the 21st century

Limiting your software development team to people working in the same building might be easier than stretching a team across the planet, but you can get a wider selection of talent if you hire people who are scattered across a country or even across the world.

Doing so, however, requires that you understand how to make the most of a dispersed team. The rules that follow apply even to a team that's local but scattered throughout a large building. With these tips, you can make a software development team effective, whether its members are remote or local.

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