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CIO Matters is our weekly column covering all of the hottest topics in enterprise IT. Penned by the writers and editors of and, these columns focus on technology management strategies that really matter to CIOs, blending expert IT advice and analysis with personal observations culled from their decades spent covering the IT and business industry.

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CIO Matters: Expert IT advice from Executive Editor Linda Tucci

Linda TucciLinda Tucci

Linda Tucci is executive editor for and She covers CIO strategies for business intelligence, big data, offshoring, mobile computing and social media. She also writes frequently about the CIO role and CIO careers. Learn more about Tucci here, and read her expert IT advice below in her latest CIO Matters columns. To contact Tucci, email

'Tis the season for IT self-service
Chatter about big data reveals IT self-service can be a gift for CIOs. Take command and control but keep the buffet open.

Clay Christensen warns CIOs that smart managers are doomed to fail
Disruptive innovation theorist Clay Christensen warns CIOs to be skeptical of time-honored business tenets.

CIO Matters: Expert IT advice from Editorial Director Christina Torode

Christina TorodeChristina Torode

Christina Torode is editorial director of, and A high-tech journalist for more than a decade, she has covered a variety of beats, from virtualization, security and networking to telcos and the channel. Learn more about Torode here, and read her expert IT advice below in her latest CIO Matters columns. To contact Torode, email her at

The leadership qualities of a CIO veteran
Jim Noble, the former CIO at AOL, GM and BP, shares three leadership qualities that lead to business success.

The CIO position: Why you need to eat your own dog food
When it comes to the CIO position, the want ads have yet to catch up with the skill set du jour.

CIO Matters: Expert IT advice from Editorial Director Scot Petersen

Scot PetersenScot Petersen

Scot Petersen is the former editorial director for TechTarget's CIO/IT Strategy Media Group, overseeing, and He has more than 20 years of experience in journalism and is a past editor of eWeek magazine. Learn more about Petersen here, and read his expert IT advice below in his latest CIO Matters columns. To contact Petersen, email

A longtime student of IT's top leader asks, 'What is a CIO?'
What is a CIO? After years of observation, Petersen knows what a CIO is not and gets close to a definition that holds up today.

Information technology costs must consider the human factor
Despite the emphasis on products and services, information technology costs are still mostly human, new survey data shows.