2012 IT Forecast

2012 Global IT Forecast

2012 IT priorities surveyTechTarget asked 2,642 IT professionals and business analysts around the world for their 2012 IT forecasts. The direction of IT budgets and emerging technologies may surprise you as IT struggles to align itself with businesses recovering from a global recession. What's on the horizon for Windows 7 migration? Server virtualization? Cloud computing? Business tablets? The data tells the story. Our editorial teams from the U.S., Europe and India drilled down into the survey results and wrote a series of information technology market analysis articles to help you see what’s hot – and where.

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IT forecast for 2012: Cautious growth in U.S.

Though spending is expected to grow in U.S. IT departments, our IT forecast for 2012 shows a smaller increase than expected.

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U.K. IT budgets under pressure in 2012

U.K. IT budgets will remain flat in 2012, Computer Weekly's worldwide survey of more than 2,500 IT professionals has revealed.

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India IT priorities for 2012: Public cloud gains; budget increases

TechTarget’s survey of Indian IT priorities for 2012 reveals increases in IT budgets for the year and much interest in cloud computing and the public cloud.

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