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CIO Tools and technologies: Taking advantage of Web 2.0:

Collaboration strategies: Look who's talking

Tools and technologies: Taking advantage of Web 2.0

There are numerous collaboration tools and software available for enterprise use today. Learn how to effectively select, install and manage collaboration tools.

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  • Research Report: Collaboration tools revisited in a Web 2.0 world

    Research Report -  A second generation of collaboration technologies is evolving on the Internet, loosely grouped as "Web 2.0" technologies. They are once again challenging the enterprise to derive value from collaboration tools. This free report from Info-Tech Research...

  • HD video conferencing a way of life for some VIPs

    02 Apr 2008

    Article -  In an uncertain economy, HD video conferencing seems like a luxury. Not so, says a CIO for a far-flung research consortium. Analysts increasingly agree.

  • The growing impact of mobile messaging

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    Research Report -  The results of a study conducted by Osterman Research demonstrate the growth and challenges of mobile messaging. It looks at the benefits and burden of mobile messaging and addresses three important issues organizations must consider when expanding their...

  • Group collaboration software services preserve channel opportunities

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    26 Oct 2007

    Article -  More vendors are offering group collaboration Software as a Service, but there will still be a need for value-added work from enterprise content management solution providers and developers, experts say.

  • Collaboration tools prove worthy during California fires

    26 Oct 2007

    Article -  CIOs in California's line of fire show the importance of a well-tested technology strategy in times of peril. Another insight? The move from centralized to distributed workplaces, like the Internet itself, helps ensure continuity because there is no...