Tips for disaster recovery | DR, BC guide for CIOs

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Disaster recovery and business continuity planning guide for CIOs

Tools and Technologies: Tips for disaster recovery

One of the keys to business continuity is having the systems and technologies in place before the unexpected happens. Learn about the tools that will allow your company to recover from a disaster without skipping a beat.

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  • Virtualization deployed for improved data center uptime

    Tip -  Virtualization is a technology usually associated with saving space or disaster recovery. But for some organizations, the most pressing reason to deploy it is to ensure data center uptime.

  • Consolidated storage management drives data efficiency, delivery

    03 Mar 2008

    Article -  Consolidated storage is efficient. But what about effectively managing all that data? With platform-agnostic management tools and new technologies, such as virtualization, deduplication and thin provisioning, the divide between efficiency and...

  • IT priorities in 2008: A truly new year

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    16 Jan 2008

    Article -  IT managers say shoring up infrastructure -- with server virtualization, disaster recovery initiatives and data center construction -- is the central priority for 2008. Web 2.0 and green computing remain back-burner concerns.

  • Green IT strategies could lead to hefty ROI

    Tip -  Various green IT technologies and strategies, such as virtualization and storage capacity consolidation, are allowing CIOs to cut costs and improve the ROI in their data centers.