IT Service management (ITSM) primer


IT Service management (ITSM) primer

IT service management (ITSM) practices help CIOs streamline internal processes and provide better service. If you're new to ITSM, check out this primer. Use these ITSM resources to bone up on the basics.

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  • ITSM/ITIL best practice process overview primer

    31 Jul 2006

    Article -  ITSM methods have evolved to include specific ways to optimize assessment, planning and implementation of ITIL best practices. This report is an overview of ITSM and ITIL.

  • ITIL

    31 Jul 2006

    Article -  The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a globally recognized collection of best practices for information technology (IT) service management. The United Kingdom's Central Computer and Telecommunications...

  • ITIL, a data center's yellow brick road

    16 May 2006

    Article -  The IT Infrastructure Library offers a comprehensive approach to improving the quality of data center services. It also requires a commitment of willpower, time and person-power.

  • ITIL worship: The new set of best practices

    30 Mar 2006

    Article -  The IT Infrastructure Library might seem like an unyielding set of best practices, but data center managers say its benefits go way past helping to meet compliance regulations.

  • Top-shelf governance with ITIL

    22 Feb 2006

    Article -  Two CIOs lead the charge with Information Technology Infrastructure Libraries -- the British-born methodology that converts IT from reactive to proactive.

  • Perspectives: Page through this library

    16 Nov 2005

    Column -  You're overworked, underfunded, poorly appreciated and spend too much of your time trying to convince your organization -- particularly management -- that information security is important and best practices should be followed. Too often, your arguments...