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Data center energy efficiency strategies for CIOs

Execution: Data center energy efficiency case studies

CIOs are implementing various technologies and techniques to help improve the efficiency of their data centers. Here you'll find articles, case studies and expert advice on executing energy-efficient strategies in the data center.

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  • E-waste: A blight on the environment and a company's good name

    09 Sep 2008

    Article -  The e-trash keeps piling up. Need a visual? Think "Wall-E." What isn't stockpiled is being dumped into landfills and the toxic parts shipped off to countries where laws are lax. CIOs are taking steps to keep their companies' hands clean.

  • Energy credits a lure for IBM's green IT push

    Tip -  IBM partners with big utilities to advance energy efficiency in data centers.

  • Xerox goes green with rewritable paper

    29 Apr 2008

    Article -  Saving the planet, one sheet of reusable paper at a time: Xerox has developed a reusable paper based on the molecular compound used on glasses that change tint in the light.

  • Server power consumption rises unabated

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    17 Dec 2007

    Article -  A new AMD-sponsored study paints a grim picture of worldwide data center power use, but there are simple ways to decrease consumption.

  • PG&E CIO energizes California utility

    11 Dec 2007

    Article -  Following a very public bankruptcy, a beleaguered California utility brought in a new team of executives to turn the company around and improve the efficiency of their data center. Among them was Patricia Lawicki, who made some progressive improvements...

  • Data center managers need to manage power proactively

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    15 Aug 2007

    Article -  A panel of data center industry IT vendors and researchers cites low uptake of available power management tools as a cause of wasted power.