Aligning processes, gaining ROI | Business process management guide

CIO Execution: Aligning processes, gaining ROI with BPM:

Business process management strategies for enterprise CIOs

Execution: Aligning processes, gaining ROI with BPM

A business process is a set of coordinated tasks and activities conducted by both people and equipment that will lead to accomplishing a specific organizational goal. Learn how enterprise firms have executed and capitalized upon BPM programs.

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  • Enterprise BPM: An expert case study

    What's New -  In this webcast, our expert will present a short case study focusing on what exactly was accomplished using BPM in their enterprise. What was the goal? What was the result? Was there ample ROI? The expert will also demonstrate an architectural...

  • BPM gets kicked up a notch with business event processing

    11 Sep 2008

    Article -  Tom Brady, CIO of a clinical network for administering chronic biologic drugs, explains how business event processing allows his firm to coordinate the distribution and administration of meds to patients in real time and at substantial cost savings.

  • HP business service automation software improves strategy

    25 Jun 2008

    Article -  HP improves and integrates its business service automation software portfolio, promising a more strategic way to see into and manage the IT brain.

  • BPM's future: Dynamic services, not pre-canned logic

    07 Feb 2008

    Article -  The future of business apps will look quite different. Business process management can help you navigate the change.

  • Outsourcing in Europe, Middle East, Africa vs. Americas rising

    22 Jan 2008

    Article -  Outsourcing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa is rising compared to in the Americas. In addition, 2007 marked the lowest level of outsourcing contracts in five years.

  • BPM takes root, but still an adjustment for many

    03 Jul 2007

    Article -  Experts agree that business process management (BPM) is a good practice, but say it can be tough to make happen if the people within your organization are more data-focused than process-focused.