CIO Matters: Expert IT advice from Executive Editor Linda Tucci

CIO Matters: Expert IT advice on technology management strategies

CIO Matters: Expert IT advice from Executive Editor Linda Tucci

Want expert IT advice? Read these CIO Matters columns by Executive Editor Linda Tucci.

Linda TucciLinda Tucci

Linda Tucci is executive editor for and She covers CIO strategies for business intelligence, big data, offshoring, mobile computing and social media. She also writes frequently about the CIO role and CIO careers. Learn more about Tucci here, and read her expert IT advice below in her latest CIO Matters columns. To contact Tucci, email

'Tis the season for IT self-service
Chatter about big data reveals IT self-service can be a gift for CIOs. Take command and control but keep the buffet open.

Clay Christensen warns CIOs that smart managers are doomed to fail
Disruptive innovation theorist Clay Christensen warns CIOs to be skeptical of time-honored business tenets.

In this part:

Kurzweil: The human brain on IT
Inventor and futurologist Ray Kurzweil shakes up an information management crowd with visions of the human brain on IT.

Exploring digitization at MIT Media Lab: Level the playing field already!
At MIT Media Lab, building a virtual digital world still hinges on leveraging an analog world of orthogonal thinkers.

CEO mindset: To grow where no one has grown before
Gartner probes the CEO mindset and sees 'economic defiance,' an appetite for digital growth and lots of work for the ambitious CIO.

You get a social app! And you get a social app!
What's the 2013 version of "a chicken in every pot?" How about "a social app for every business need?" It's time to explore the new social landscape.

A midsummer night's bad dream: The CIO position regresses
The seamless integration and provisioning of IT services is a lofty goal for even the most seasoned CIO. We don't have time for that.

Prescriptive analytics is coming to a future near you
It is only a matter of time before algorithms rule the world. Humans, meet prescriptive analytics.

Mobile business advice from Peter Vesterbacka of Angry Birds
Still unconvinced mobile computing will change the world? Listen to what the Mighty Eagle of Angry Birds has to say.

Big data, bad analytics
The value of big data is in the analytics -- not any old analytics but software customized to your business purpose. Anything less is bad analytics.

Business and social network apps belong together: Will they ever meet?
Social and business apps need to merge. But does anyone know how that's going to happen?

The trials and tribulations of IT consumerization
IT consumerization adds business value but comes with liabilities. Just ask the e-discovery industry.

C-suite looking for team members, not captains of industry
Is the decider-in-chief an industry relic? One CIO headhunter says so. The new C-suite ideal is the collaborative team player.

Putting a price on information: The nascent field of infonomics
Companies are behaving as if information has a monetary value. The question is how much? The nascent field of infonomics aims to provide answers.

What's a wallet-less future got to do with enterprise computing?
A wallet-less world puts every customer on the A list. CIOs need to figure out how to do that in the realm of enterprise computing.