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CIO Matters: Expert IT advice from Editorial Director Christina Torode

Searching for expert IT advice? Read these CIO Matters columns by Executive Editor Christina Torode.

Christina TorodeChristina Torode

Christina Torode is editorial director of, and A high-tech journalist for more than a decade, she has covered a variety of beats, from virtualization, security and networking to telcos and the channel. Learn more about Torode here, and read her expert IT advice below in her latest CIO Matters columns. To contact Torode, email her at

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Jim Noble, the former CIO at AOL, GM and BP, shares three leadership qualities that lead to business success.

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When it comes to the CIO position, the want ads have yet to catch up with the skill set du jour.

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Social engagement is transforming business models, but enterprise-wide rollouts hit a wall when it comes to how a platform should be chosen.

Cybercrime is on the minds of board members; CIOs, CISOs rejoice
Board members are seeking out CIOs' and CISOs' advice on cybercrime as it creeps into their proprietary domain: revenue and investor perception.