CIO Matters: Expert IT advice from Editorial Director Scot Petersen

CIO Matters: Expert IT advice on technology management strategies

CIO Matters: Expert IT advice from Editorial Director Scot Petersen

Are you looking for expert IT advice? Read these CIO Matters columns by Editorial Director Scot Petersen.

Scot PetersenScot Petersen

Scot Petersen is the former editorial director for TechTarget's CIO/IT Strategy Media Group, overseeing, and He has more than 20 years of experience in journalism and is a past editor of eWeek magazine. Learn more about Petersen here, and read his expert IT advice below in his latest CIO Matters columns. To contact Petersen, email

A longtime student of IT's top leader asks, 'What is a CIO?'
What is a CIO? After years of observation, Petersen knows what a CIO is not and gets close to a definition that holds up today.

Information technology costs must consider the human factor
Despite the emphasis on products and services, information technology costs are still mostly human, new survey data shows.

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Smart BPO and IT outsourcing strategy improves the whole business
Lessons on how high-performing BPO companies achieve success with a smart IT outsourcing strategy.

Strategy is the goal in business process outsourcing
When is soccer like IT outsourcing? When it's used to explain how businesses need to act strategically to create value from business process outsourcing.

The cloud computing security conundrum
What happens when two chief technology officers disagree on cloud computing security? A very interesting discussion, but no conclusions about what to do.